The Learning Program


100_3415Gold Coast Down Syndrome Organization is an affiliate partner of The Learning Program, developed by the Down Syndrome Foundation of Orange County, California in 2004. The Learning Program (LP) complements formal instruction in literacy and math. It also has occupational and speech therapy components. The Down Syndrome Foundation has partnered with educators, researchers, therapists and administrators to develop a program that uses effective teaching strategies and customized materials to support parents, teachers and children in the educational process.

Gold Coast Down Syndrome Organization began our local Learning Program model in September, 2008 with a group of 15 families whose children with Down syndrome were aged 4 to 7. In August, 2015 we began the year serving over 70 families with children between the ages of 3 to 17 years old in LP, Facilitated Social Groups, and Get A Life, an educational program for transitioning youth and their parents. We hold sessions once a month in our Boynton Beach Resource Center.

Children ages 3 through 9 participate in the LP model. Children rotate through groups, facilitated by professionals, addressing emerging skills in reading and math as well as Occupational and Speech Language Therapy. During a 90 minute session children are introduced to concepts and materials that will be shared with their parents during the parent session. Parents learn important information each month from “How to Create an Effective Learning Environment” to “Intro to Literacy” to “Early Number Concepts.” They go home with lots of wonderful, colorful, creative, research-based materials to engage their children in learning.

Children are excited about coming to the Resource Center each month to see their teachers and their friends. Parents are supported by their peers in a relaxed learning model where they can share new ideas, talk about what’s working and where they might need more assistance. If you are interested in learning more about how you and your child can participate in this wonderful program that is making a difference in the lives of our local families, please contact us at 561-752-3383 or

You can also learn about The Learning Program by going to the website link below. Get motivated to work with your child by reading the Guiding Principles. Create a log-in and access materials that can be used to supplement your child’s education. Find out more about The Learning Program.

Inclusion video of Nick, LP participant of California

Although we do not register new children for LP after the second session in September, we do enroll participants in Facilitated Social Groups (10 – through Middle School) and Get A Life (high school) throughout the year. Contact us for more information.

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