Teens Transitioning To Adulthood

As parents, it is our responsibility to learn everything we can about the transition process for students with disabilities in order for our son or daughter to have a smooth and effective transition into adulthood.

The Transition IEP

  • Sets goals for teens at age 16 for desired outcomes after high school graduation
  • Reflects the vision of how parents and their teen with Down syndrome see the future as an adult
  • Includes teen as a member of the IEP 
  • Spells out concrete goals and outcomes 
  • Addresses all areas of transition: employment, living, recreation, adult education, access to transportation and community services
  • Results in your teen achieving his or her dreams of successful adulthood

Programs After Senior Year …

School District of Palm Beach County Programs

Students with Down syndrome can receive services funded by the school district through the end of school year in which they turn 22.

Students may:

  • Continue at their current high school or at another high school in the district where they can obtain services for job training and independent life skills
  • Enroll in a community-based job training program at a charter school
  • Participate in the district-run Transition Program

College Programs

There are nearly three hundred college programs nationally for people with intellectual disabilities. Go to Think College.net for more information about local and national programs. The FAU Academy for Community Inclusion offers a college program locally in Palm Beach County.

… and into Adulthood

Medicaid Waiver

If your son or daughter with Down syndrome has not applied for the Medicaid Waiver…do that now! There continues to be a long waiting list and you cannot expect, at school exit, to have available the services he or she will need to access life in the community without the waiver.

To apply for the Medicaid Waiver go to APD (Agency for Persons with Disabilities) or call 561-837-5564.

Social Security

Young adults with Down syndrome who are 18 years old are eligible to apply for SSI – Supplemental Security Income.  At this age, parents’ income is not counted as your children’s income. Every adult with Down syndrome should be approved for SSI.  For information on working and social security benefits visit SSI, the Work Incentives Planning and Assistance and free employment services through Ticket to Work.


Information and Support

"Talk Abouts"

Educates families through workshops, structured support groups, Face Book support groups and telephone and in-person consultations 

Best Start

Newborns through Pre-K

Offers new parents information, education, connections, support and programs 

The Family Education Program

Children and Teens

Gives parents the tools to navigate their children’s educational and life issues while kids work on their reading, math, social and life skills 

Educational Advocacy

Ages 2 ½ to 22

Provides families with an experienced advocate free of charge to help manage IEPs, classroom placements and more so that children can thrive in a learning environment tailored to their needs.

The Exceptional Educators Program

Trains classroom teachers, paras, school administrators and school district staff to be the most effective educators for children with Down syndrome.

Adult Enrichment Programs

Ages 18+

Encourages adults to continue to learn and create through activities that develop social skills, literacy, self-advocacy and a healthy lifestyle

Without Walls

Parties and Outings around Palm Beach County.

Because sometimes you just want to have fun!

The DownRight ExtraOrdinary Walk

Committed to raising community awareness of the abilities of people with Down syndrome for over a quarter of a century! 

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