Welcome Healthcare Providers! Your relationship with families and with individuals who have Down syndrome is an important one. We appreciate the opportunity to direct you to helpful information on various healthcare related topics and Down syndrome.


 Are you delivering a diagnosis of Down syndrome to new or expectant parents? What you say and how you deliver the message matters! Click this link for important information: NDSC Physician’s Guide

Has the newborn’s family been referred to Early Steps? Early Steps provides early intervention services to children with Down syndrome from birth to 3 years old in Palm Beach County.

Have you referred the family to Gold Coast Down Syndrome Organization? Being involved in a parent support organization ensures that families have information to make informed decisions about education and advocacy during a child’s life.

No matter the age of your patients, Gold Coast offers a variety of programs. and support. 



 We provide support for people with Down syndrome from birth through adulthood and their families through a variety of  programs.

  • .We are an informational resource for your patients and families with a diagnosis of Down syndrome.
  • We have materials available for your office to support your patients with Down syndrome and their families.
  • We have compiled extensive links on this website which provide information about diagnosis and medical care.
  • We offer Best Start, a music and support pogram for families of newborns and toddlers

  • Contact us by email  or phone 561-752-3383


Treating Adults with Down Syndrome

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