Educational Advocacy

The Gold Coast Down Syndrome Organization offers Educational Advocacy to families of school-aged children from pre-school through high school.  There is no charge for this program.  

The Educational Advocacy Program provides

  • An Advocate at School IEP Meetings
  • Guidance on IEPs, School Meetings and Education Matters
  • Assistance with School Placements from Pre-School through High School
  • Instruction on Transitioning (into pre-school, kindergarten, middle school, high school)
  • Training on How to Be a Parent Advocate

Educational Advocacy is part of the Gold Coast Down Syndrome Organization Education Program, which along with Best Start, the Family Education Program  and the Exceptional Educators, gives parents the tools to help their children achieve academic and social success.


Information and Support

"Talk Abouts"

Educates families through workshops, structured support groups, Face Book support groups and telephone and in-person consultations 

Best Start

Newborns through Pre-K

Offers new parents information, education, connections, support and programs 

The Family Education Program

Children and Teens

Gives parents the tools to navigate their children’s educational and life issues while kids work on their reading, math, social and life skills 

Educational Advocacy

Ages 2 ½ to 22

Provides families with an experienced advocate free of charge to help manage IEPs, classroom placements and more so that children can thrive in a learning environment tailored to their needs.

The Exceptional Educators Program

Trains classroom teachers, paras, school administrators and school district staff to be the most effective educators for children with Down syndrome.

Adult Enrichment Programs

Ages 18+

Encourages adults to continue to learn and create through activities that develop social skills, literacy, self-advocacy and a healthy lifestyle

Without Walls

Parties and Outings around Palm Beach County.

Because sometimes you just want to have fun!

The DownRight ExtraOrdinary Walk

Committed to raising community awareness of the abilities of people with Down syndrome for over a quarter of a century! 

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