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General Information

The IDEA, Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, provides that children with disabilities will be served from birth through 21 years old. At age three, children can enroll for pre-school programs When a child enters school, the ESE (Exceptional Student Education) Department of the School District of Palm Beach County provide services beginning at age three  through the school year of a student’s 22nd birthday.  When children begin school they move from a Family Support Plan to an IEP, Individualized Education Plan. This transition from receiving therapies to writing goals related to educational objectives is challenging at times and families should educate themselves on the differences and how they may affect their child.

The IEP document, developed through a partnership between school and home is driven by a student’s present level of performance and indicates the point at which to develop goals that will lead to academic and social success. A student will have an IEP as long as they are receiving special education services. Your child has the right to go to school and the right to have a free and appropriate public education (FAPE) in the Least Restrictive Environment (LRE).

Children with Down syndrome are just like typical kids.  A good education will be key to their growing up to having meaningful lives.  Parents should be clear on their children’s educational goals, knowledgeable about their rights,  and active in pursuing a positive partnership with schools to make those goals happen.

How We Help


Gold Coast offers Education Programs  for children ages 3 through high school.  We help parents set high expectations for their children and give them the tools to turn those expectations into realities.

Best Start– a free Weekly Program for parents, infants and toddlers that begins the process of developing high expectations

Learning Program-a nine month Parent and Child Workshop that spans from pre-k through high school.  Topics include building literacy, math, and  independent life skills, transitioning to adulthood, understanding legal rights, creating an effective IEP and more.

Educational Advocacy– Individual Family Support which provides education and assistance to parents on IEPs and school placements.  An advocate will attend meetings and/or give guidance at no cost.

Exceptional Educators Program-a Free Teacher Training on how children with Down syndrome learn

Smart Start- a Free Workshop on Transitioning to Pre-K

School Rules! – a Free Workshop on Transitioning  to Kindergarten


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